Old but New

There are times in every avid reader’s life when one hits a dry spell; a barren time of desperation when one’s favorite, go-to authors are busy working on their next new novel that doesn’t release until sometime in the far off future, the trusty standbys are almost memorized from so many repeated re-readings and every back cover synopsis perused with single-minded determination to find something new and fresh ends in disappointment. Please, universe! Give me something new to read!

This was my state of mind last week as I wandered the aisle of my small, local library. With an upcoming move, most of my books had been tucked safely away into boxes and with the newest books from my current “love-to-read” authors devoured in less time than it takes to watch all the Lord of the Ring movies, I searched in vain for something to soothe the restless beast in my mind that needed its daily fix of written word. Feeling too cheap to buy a kindle ebook and with the closest book store being more than 40 min away (Side note: I don’t know how the people of my current location survive without a book store being closer than 40 min away. I can’t be the only one who needs a book fix…), I hoped that the library would provide me with solace.

Luck was with me that day as I glanced down and saw a novel entitled “The Dream Thief” by Shana Abé*. Marked as sci-fi/fantasy and intrigued by the spine artwork, I read the back cover description and decided to give it a try. It was love in 25 pages. Set in the mid 1700’s Abé spins an intriguing story line of fantasy, romance and drákon who are humans sometimes blessed with the ability to Turn into dragons and/or smoke. The atmosphere created by Abé flowed off the pages and at the end of the novel, I found my way to her website eager to find out if she had written more novels. Surprisingly, her first novel appeared to be published in 1998 and as I know I have been reading romance/fantasy novels at least since 1998, I’m shocked that I haven’t discovered her sooner! 

There is a certain excitement and delight with discovering what I term an “old but new” author. New to me but old in that they have several books written and if I happened along a book within a series, than there are few things better than being able to easily acquire other books in said series because they have been published for years. We all know the endless waiting for the next in a series to be published (Game of Thrones…”shudder” with the torment of pushed back into the unknown release dates) and if this can be avoided, then all the better.

If you have yet to pick up a Shana Abé novel and you enjoy the fantasy/romance genre, than rush to your local bookstore, library or ebook site and find a copy. The first of the drákon series begins with “The Smoke Thief” and at this time, there are 5 in the series/storyline so pages aplenty to keep one occupied! Check out her website (listed below) and please know that I have not been asked to endorse or review this author’s books or website. I simply enjoy her work and am excited to have found another author to add to my bookshelf.



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