Ship of Theseus or more commonly known as “What the heck did I just read?”

Ekk! Where did a month go? The black hole of work-minded routine sucked me in once again along with feeble attempts to enjoy the last blistering days of an uncommonly hot Oregon summer. Why did I think this would be a good time to start half-marathon training again?? Jury is still out…

But in more blog-relevant news, a co-worker gave me a book that she felt was a must-read for an obsessive, intelligent, literary-minded soul such as myself. I admit to confusion as she handed me what looked to be a library book complete with slip cover. As I pulled the book out of the innocent protection case, a postcard fell out. Thinking it was hers, I started to hand it back only to be stopped by the knowing grin on her face.

“It’s part of the book. Story within a story kind of thing.”

Intrigued, I flipped through a few pages and noticed the margin writings and other extras slipped here and there between the pages. What did she just give me?

I admit I let this book sit on the small table behind the couch for a few days. I was intimidated to start such a book but also felt a magnetic pull to dive into the stor(ies) within. I could see myself being sucked in and yet, ill-afford many late night reading escapades. Not as young as I once was! Obviously, I eventually cracked open the front cover and started reading. And know what? The first few pages sucked to read! How in the world was I suppose to process the actually story plot plus the margin “story” and keep it all straight? In addition to that, the book kicks off with an intro that had me even more confused about the nature of the paper journey I was about to embark on. Eventually, I figured out a strategy that kept me sane for the 500 pages SoT encompasses and found myself swept away more by the margin story (hopeless romantic syndrome inserted here) than the actually novel plot which turned out to be climatic way too early in the plot and prose-riddled unto the end.

Given the complexity of this story within a story with various conspiracy theory sub-plots and speculations, and still processing my feelings as I finished the book a mere hour ago, I feel ill-equipped in my (very) young, amateur blogging life to attempt a review of this book and give it the justice and depth it deserves. If you are interested in exploring the inter-workings for Ship of Theseus more, please click the below link for a review I feel appropriately (albeit with a little profanity) summarizes not only the plot but also the mental states and questions you will experience along the reading of this book.

This book is a fresh challenge in the best kind of way and while not the most epic thing I have ever read (not even sure what I would put on that list but may give that more thought for a future post), it was refreshing and captivating because it was different and aren’t we all looking for something to break up the literary mundaneness once in a while?