Kicking Off Another Year

Hard to believe that 2015 is almost over. So many books still left to read, so little time! I have been remiss in blogging recently and as I reflect on what the 2015 year has been and what I am hoping for 2016, developing a discipline and schedule for posting is high on my list. I am also venturing out of my comfort zone (being a self-proclaimed introvert prone to long spells of book escapism) in 2016 and will be actively sharing my blog post to social media. Ekk! I tremble a bit at the thought but see it as a pathway for personal growth. I love reading, am enjoying the freedom to review what I read and hope to grow this blog into a forum for other book lovers to be entertained or even discover a new book/author/genre.

I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and watching it’s growth over the next year!


How every evening should be spent….