“Defeated” book list

As mentioned in my June 27th, 2015 post, this is a list of books that have “defeated” me. Each title was a book I felt compelled to read for one reason or another, with determination, began on page 1 and then just…could not…finish. As part of admitting defeat, I have included what made each book impossible for me to get through. Would love to know if you have been “defeated” by any of the same titles or your own personal list of “couldn’t get through.”

  • Wuthering Heights– there is not ONE SINGLE likable character in this book! Based on the epic, romantic quotes from W.H. floating around Pinterest, I wanted to love this story but despised every character and could not get myself through the to the last page. How can I finish a book if I don’t have even one person to root for?
  • Ulysses– to be fair I attempted this book as a sophomore in high school and feel I should make a 2nd attempt. I’m not sure it would make a difference as I remember it being a painstakingly slow plot cover every single minute of the character’s life for a given time frame. How can a book with a timeframe of 8am to 3am June 16-17, 1904 take 700 page? By detailing everything, that’s how!
  • Cyrptonomincon– jury is in. I can’t do it. I’m almost 200 pages into this book and have zero interest in the plot. The synopsis on the back  sounds so…exciting, riveting, dynamic and the reality thus far has been dry, unengaging even though there was plot progress. All I could think as I forced my eyes to follow sentence after sentence was “where the hell is this going?” and “do I even care?”

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