A native Oregonian, I have been devouring books voraciously for as long as I can remember. Family vacations usually meant a backpack full of books and several stops to local bookshops to replenish the stack as I usually burnt through ones I would bring.

From an early age, my mom instilled a love a reading in me. I have fond memories of her reading James and Giant Peach or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my brother and I at night before bed. I was also blessed to have a very patient librarian in elementary school who would constantly help me pick out new books that were at my reading level.

When I don’t have a book/books in hand, I’m usually trying to keep my work/life sanity balance in other ways- running, hiking, spending time with my amazing husband, movies, beer and wine tasting and keeping the dog from destroying things….the usual. 🙂

This blog is an outlet for my love of books and a desire to explore the world of blogging one post at a time. I hope you enjoy it and would love any comments or feedback you have!

Happy Reading!

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